Sunday, 31 May 2009

Some crazy lights. Oh and some poker too

Green Lasers FTW.

So I played at Stanleys on Friday. Get really bored and end up playing blind, as I'm so bored. Look on the river and I have 6 high, so fire my last chips and GazWalker calls with bottom pair. FML. Play cash at 25-50 and play good solid poker and finish up £75. No real hands of note, tho.

Share a ride down to Leeds with Farmer Dave, Pads and SamJ for the £20-£20, £2k added. After a nice meal at TGI Fridays, where everyting seems to have Jack Daniels in/on it, we go start the game, Btw, the cup final is on and we happen to miss every goal, as we are away from the TV for just that brief period of time. Really wanted Everton to win.

On a starting table with Apokerlypse and Nutflush off the forum. Can't get away from them. Really funny as we have a guy trying to be the table captain but he has no chips. Anyway, lose my 1st buyin when I have AhAc UTG, raise 200 at 25-50 and get 3 callers, including Ross (NF) out of the BB. Flop is Kh5h2h, I bet 650 and get a call then a check raise by Ross to 2250. I shove, as I have the Ah and get 2 callers who have 9h7h and Ross, who had warned me he had called with crap pre, with Qh3h. I brick. FML.

I nicely build my stack up and run a nice float play OOP when I know the guy has sweet FA. But lose some back and have 7700 at the break, when the stacks are 5000+5000. Not good.

Back from the break, I'm up and down like a yoyo. Win a small pot and then folds to my button where I have AQo and raise to have the SB shove. I'm priced in to call with any 2 and she flips over 55. I miss. I think this is a bad play as I'm calling whatever I have and most likely have 2 overs or she's crushed, but whatever.

I then double up through Mac when I limp with A-10 and flop comes 10-8-10. I bet the flop on the button and he thinks I'm at it so puts me in with 66 and I hold. Then lose a bit including shoving late position with AJ, called by KQ. He makes a house.

Lose most of my chips when I check my option on the BB with 94o, with 2 limpers. Flop is 9d8d88h. I hear somebody groan, so I know 1 8 is gone, and over shove the pot, 7k into 3k. 1 limper snaps with 33, WTF. Other guy calls with 10d7d. I'm 37% vs 8% vs 55%. turn is 7, River 10. FML. I now have 1400 in the SB, blinds are 500-1000. I find 9s8s and put it in against SamJ's 66 and brick.

General consensus from the lads was that the play was horrible and I wholeheartedly agree. People limping when they have 3bbs, so so bad.

Play 50p-£1 cash whilst I wait for the others still in the tourney, SamJ, Nutflush and IrishAndy doing well. Not mush of note except I miss with AK everytime and pass 22 to a preflop shove and would have made quads.

I do raise with QdJd pre and flop a flush and get 3 streets of value from somebody who turns 2 pair. I them limp in the SB with 94o and flop is Ad9d4x, so I bet £2, get called and a raise of £12, which we both call. Turn is an offsuit 5, Player is all in for £30, other goes in for £100. I tank and pass. 1st has Ax, second has 5d3d. I hold. FML.

Finish up when FT starts and SamJ is on there, make a nice profit of £150. SAm crushes the table, only needing to get lucky once. Standing on the rail with Pads, IrishAndy, Farmer Dave and Full Tilit and have an awesome time, with some great craic. SamJ chops heads up and treats the car to a McDonalds. Nick work Big Bird!

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