Saturday, 23 May 2009

Some sweet watches. Oh, and some poker


Anyone know where I can get one?

Some really great watches of this list. However, winning the GUKPT won't cover the cost of some:

Back to poker. On sunday 10th, go out with friends and end up passing through Aspers and see a soft 1-2 game, sit down hammered and make £220. They were so easy.

End up leaving with Micheal Tedder, who was paid in 2 £1000 packs of £10 notes, he gets the great idea to change them at Grov, as he's too balla for £10 notes, lol. After being slowrolled by Mr Chan, he sits with £2k on roulette, plays a bit then leaves. However, when he comes to cash out, manager comes over and says we are gonna pay you in £10 notes. Instead of just saying we will do it this time, but don't try it again, he was just a dick. Oh well.

I chop 4 ways at Stanleys on tuesday and get £270. Not much of note, just 2 hands. Have a good stack with 2 tables left and reraise with KK, get shipped on by a 3rd player and call. He has AJ, raiser had the same, as he shows.Bang, 1st card out is an Ace. Spoona screws my Kings again. Now short, in BB a few laps later, get raised by the button. Shove by SB, I see AQo and think its a steal/resteal and call off my chips. Button calls with KQ, and SB has A5 and I hold.

Play the tourney at Grov on weds.I lose with AsQs vs JJ. Flop the nut flush draw too.
I then play cash, lose buzz’s stack. Raise with 10s, get reraised by Az, Ridla calls, Gottilt ships. I should shove, but instead call the extra £10. Shove on a 2-3-5 flop. Called by Az's K4, K on the turn. FML. Tho Neil made me feel better, when he said he would have played it the same.

I make it back when I shove with 4-2 vs AK. 2 1st card out. Az raises, GazWalker flats, Mike Tedder makes it 11, i shove. I think Mike could be squeezing, so I would do that with a lot, just happened to be 4 high.

Then play DC, make a little bit. Last hand is sick, I have As-2s-3x-4s-7d-Kh-Kd and limp, reraise to £12, Az and Barearse call. Flop is KQ5, we get it all in. Turn 10 river J, we all chop with broadway. If the board pairs I scoop.

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