Friday, 5 June 2009

A Surfing Short Skirt. Oh, and some poker

I joined Blonde Poker Forum last weekend after reading the great updates from the DTD £1k Main Event. So, if you have found me from there, welcome and enjoy (hopefully)

Played some poker at the G on Wednesday night. It was the £15 8k freezeout and went over after some pool and Wetherspoons with Gotilt4 and Buzz. We were randomly put on the same table. Not much of note before the break. After the break, I complete with J6 in the SB at 200-400. There's 1 limper and the BB in as well. Flop is Jh-10h-Xx. I bet 600 and get shoved on by the BB for 3800. Limper passes, I tank and put him on a flush draw as I have played with him a bit and know he likes to get value out of his hands, so I call. He has Q9o and I hold and win. Try and make a move on Chris by reraisng out the SB with KsQs but he has AKo and I'm down to 8k. Next hand 2 limpers and I have JJ on the button. I bump it upto 2700 when blinds are 300-600. Get a call off Christine, who puts me all in on an Ace high flop. I grumble and pass as she shows me an Ace. "No Shit!" I feel like shouting, but I keep it family friendly. A round passes and there are 2 limpers before me, so I shove 95o on the button. I figure that if either of them would call my 5k shove, then they would have raised. Unfortunately the SB has QQ and after I show my hand, to the astonishment of the table, he hits top set for overkill and I'm done.

Sit down to some 25p-50p cash and buy in for £40. Down about £10, when I straddled to £2, a few limpers, so I shove with A6o. Instacall by somebody who had limped with K6o. Quite a nice double up for me.

Move tables and 1st meaningful hand I get is Ac3c, so I raise preflop. Flop the FD and hit it on the turn. I min-raise for the 1st time in my life against the table drunk, who is super smashed. River pairs the board, not great but I still think I have the best hand. So I bet a £20 note, as it looks sexy and get called by bottom pair. Sweet!

This guy was so hammered that when Crazy Chef bluffs the river with J high, this dude calls with 8 high! Pay Off Wizard to the max. I then raise to £4 with AQo, Mr K6 ships for £32, I call. Had seen him 4bet shove to a 3bet from the SB with A5o. He has A9o and flops a 9. Damn!

Build my chips nicely with some good calls and am doing well. Then decide to limp UTG and call a £12 shove with 2d4d. Not sure why, but it's probably not +EV. Anyway flop is 7d5d3h. Turn is 6c, River is As. However, Singh has 9h8h for the nuts. I end up cashing out for £155, so I was very happy.

Lastly, I wanna say nice job to my mate Dave Hudson who qualified for the 2009 WSOP Main Event on Gala Poker for $2! He won a rebuy which got him a $320 Grand Final ticket, which he crushed. He has a $17k package, so that's plenty of extra spending money. Good Luck mate and smash the Yanks!

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