Thursday, 30 July 2009

A bit of Steve Nash. Oh, and some poker

On the Friday after, I played the Grosvenor double chance. Not much of note, except 1 hand with Paul "Kiddha" Hart at 200-400. Paul is a very good player and a great lad, who won the Stanleys League. Anyway, he limps from MP and I raise to 1400 with QJo out of the SB. Sounds bad, but I knew that Paul didn't have much and I normally only raise with big hands OOP. He calls and the flop is Ad-Qd-Xd. I have the Jd, so am pretty happy with this flop. I lead for 2100 and Paul min-raises to 4200. I can't see him having Ax-Kd, or anything that has me crushed both ways. As I think I'm live either way, I shove. Paul makes a crying call with 9d-9x. Az calls for the 9c on turn, but it's 9h, and I miss my diamond on the river. Then shove Jh10h into Az's KK and its bye bye.

The Tuesday after I went to play at Stanleys, as they had added seats for the £50 game. I ended up bubbling when I shoved my 8bb stack with KQo into Kiddha's AA. He flopped Quads. Fuck.

I went to play cash and managed to break even after I lost 2 big pots, so not too bad. The 1st one was I called a raise wih Ad-10d. Flop is Kd-9d-Xx and I call a £4 bet. Turn is Ax, now Paul Nixon checks, so I bet £10, and he calls. River is 9x, Paul shoves all in, and as I'm now chopping with A-J/A-Q, I call. He has 9s-10s. FML.

Then grind my money back, even though Sensh is flopping the world. Then blind vs blind, I raise with 55 and BB calls. Flop is 5c-7x-8c. I bet and he calls. Same on the Jx turn. River is 10x, I bet, he tanks, I say "I know you missed your flush" and he shoves. I call and he has Qc-9c. FML

Spin my £20 back to £80. It helps when I get in pre with QQ and flop quads. A little run good. Weeee!

Play a few days later at Grov after I get Hameded out of Aspers tourney and a drunk guy sits down. He bets £10 pre everytime, except when I limp with AK. I hit but know1 else does. I ship over his raise with 66 and he calls with 83o. He hits an 8, obv. I then grind back some money, but lose it when I play shit. Guy raises and Singh calls, so I call with Ad-6d. Flop is Qd-Jd-8x. Guy bets 10, Singh makes it £25, we both call. Turn is 6x, Guy checks, Singh bets £30, I ship for £70ish, realising as soon as I do it, that Singh is NEVER passing. River is 10x, and Singh has Q-10. I'm a big idiot.

After going out with Spoona, Sensh and Buzz to Tiger Tiger on a Monday, we go to Grov. I limp call a £5 raise with Jh-9h after I sit with £20. Flop is 8h-8x-4h. I check shove my £12(lol) after Rob "Taxi" Taylor c-bets £6. He calls, turn is Kh, and Rob moans and says "I can't win". Then river is 5h and he goes "Wait! I just outdrew you" and shows Qh-10o. Pisses me off. I don't mind losing but don't tell me the hand is mine, when you're drawing kinda live. Kinda slowrolled.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A bit of Sugar mixing. Oh and some Poker too

For anyone else who is having withdrawl symptoms.

It's been a while since I posted, so I'll post what I can remember.

I played the Saturday tourney at Aspers on 06/06. Came 3 off the FT, when I pushed with 99 on the BB on a 8 high flop. He had Aces. He even minraised pre. How stupid am I? Played cash, spun my £60 into £220, then lost the lot. I had 55 and made a set on 9-3-2-5 turn. I had bet the flop, some1 called with A4. We get it in. As I don't generally chase gutshots, I forget others might.

We have a fire alarm and are left standing outside at 4am for 50 minutes. As I'm stuck I decide to stay around. If I was winning I would have gone home and come back the next day and just cashed my chips. Finish down once we get back in.

Play a bit of Omaha Hilo online and make 4 buyins. players were so bad, chasing really bad lows for potsized bets. Wish I had a few backdoor draws, I scoop a lot. Then played regular Omaha, did well too. Raise with J-10-9-8, Flop comes J-9-7. Wee. After rivering Quad Aces, I raise with 2-3-4-5 double suited. Flop is A-4-5 and some guy stacks off with A-10-10-8. Weee.

Played a Tuesday tornament at Grov and made a guy pass Kings pre. Unfortunately, I had Aces. I went for the reverse-reverse, but he was a pretty bad player and it didn't work. Make it to 3 handed, where I shove Qs9s on the button, Glen the Geek calls with AJ. Flop a 9, but as Glen is about to muck, he rivers a 8, to hit a gutshot. Oh well.

Don't really remember much until last Tuesday when I played the £5 rebuy, as there was a free seat for the £75 torney on Sat. Crazy table during the rebuy period, and I get a good stack after I call 4 allins with AKo and flop a King. Everyone is drawing dead on the turn.

Hand comes up against Keith. He completes the small bind, I check my option with Q9. Flop is J-J-9. He bets, I shove, an UTG limper passes, Keith tanks. I tell him he is beat (twice!), but he calls with 88. Turn is an 8. As I'm about to walk off and moan about how bad I run, river is a Jack and I let out a really loud scram, like Raymer when he won the World Series. Pretty bad craic and I apologise.

I end up 3rd. I push with AJ, SB has 10s and I flop an Ace. He is stacking chips on the turn, but rivers the 10. Gross, cos I have a real good shot at winning.

I get Jeded (getting knocked out by the suboptimal play of Jed Conway) on Thursday when I shove my 9BB stack with AKo after a few limps. He calls with AJ out of the BB and hits a Jack. Go to Grov to play cash and start well. Then I limp with KQo and the flop is Qd-3x-2d. Pot is £3, some1 bets £4, Barry calls, I raise to £11.50. OrRa calls, Barry passes. Qc on the turn, OrRa puts in half his stack, I move him in, he calls with 9d7d. Some1 tells me they passed 2 diamonds, so I feel worse. True enough, Ad on the river. Lad trys to defend his play by saying he had too much invested. True but he makes a bad play on the turn. What am I reraising with on the flop? He has to think the Queen is a great card for me. I tilt and finish down. Also have a run in with Barry. He's an idiot.

That will do for now. A few more days to catch up on, but I'll post those soon

Friday, 5 June 2009

A Surfing Short Skirt. Oh, and some poker

I joined Blonde Poker Forum last weekend after reading the great updates from the DTD £1k Main Event. So, if you have found me from there, welcome and enjoy (hopefully)

Played some poker at the G on Wednesday night. It was the £15 8k freezeout and went over after some pool and Wetherspoons with Gotilt4 and Buzz. We were randomly put on the same table. Not much of note before the break. After the break, I complete with J6 in the SB at 200-400. There's 1 limper and the BB in as well. Flop is Jh-10h-Xx. I bet 600 and get shoved on by the BB for 3800. Limper passes, I tank and put him on a flush draw as I have played with him a bit and know he likes to get value out of his hands, so I call. He has Q9o and I hold and win. Try and make a move on Chris by reraisng out the SB with KsQs but he has AKo and I'm down to 8k. Next hand 2 limpers and I have JJ on the button. I bump it upto 2700 when blinds are 300-600. Get a call off Christine, who puts me all in on an Ace high flop. I grumble and pass as she shows me an Ace. "No Shit!" I feel like shouting, but I keep it family friendly. A round passes and there are 2 limpers before me, so I shove 95o on the button. I figure that if either of them would call my 5k shove, then they would have raised. Unfortunately the SB has QQ and after I show my hand, to the astonishment of the table, he hits top set for overkill and I'm done.

Sit down to some 25p-50p cash and buy in for £40. Down about £10, when I straddled to £2, a few limpers, so I shove with A6o. Instacall by somebody who had limped with K6o. Quite a nice double up for me.

Move tables and 1st meaningful hand I get is Ac3c, so I raise preflop. Flop the FD and hit it on the turn. I min-raise for the 1st time in my life against the table drunk, who is super smashed. River pairs the board, not great but I still think I have the best hand. So I bet a £20 note, as it looks sexy and get called by bottom pair. Sweet!

This guy was so hammered that when Crazy Chef bluffs the river with J high, this dude calls with 8 high! Pay Off Wizard to the max. I then raise to £4 with AQo, Mr K6 ships for £32, I call. Had seen him 4bet shove to a 3bet from the SB with A5o. He has A9o and flops a 9. Damn!

Build my chips nicely with some good calls and am doing well. Then decide to limp UTG and call a £12 shove with 2d4d. Not sure why, but it's probably not +EV. Anyway flop is 7d5d3h. Turn is 6c, River is As. However, Singh has 9h8h for the nuts. I end up cashing out for £155, so I was very happy.

Lastly, I wanna say nice job to my mate Dave Hudson who qualified for the 2009 WSOP Main Event on Gala Poker for $2! He won a rebuy which got him a $320 Grand Final ticket, which he crushed. He has a $17k package, so that's plenty of extra spending money. Good Luck mate and smash the Yanks!

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Some crazy lights. Oh and some poker too

Green Lasers FTW.

So I played at Stanleys on Friday. Get really bored and end up playing blind, as I'm so bored. Look on the river and I have 6 high, so fire my last chips and GazWalker calls with bottom pair. FML. Play cash at 25-50 and play good solid poker and finish up £75. No real hands of note, tho.

Share a ride down to Leeds with Farmer Dave, Pads and SamJ for the £20-£20, £2k added. After a nice meal at TGI Fridays, where everyting seems to have Jack Daniels in/on it, we go start the game, Btw, the cup final is on and we happen to miss every goal, as we are away from the TV for just that brief period of time. Really wanted Everton to win.

On a starting table with Apokerlypse and Nutflush off the forum. Can't get away from them. Really funny as we have a guy trying to be the table captain but he has no chips. Anyway, lose my 1st buyin when I have AhAc UTG, raise 200 at 25-50 and get 3 callers, including Ross (NF) out of the BB. Flop is Kh5h2h, I bet 650 and get a call then a check raise by Ross to 2250. I shove, as I have the Ah and get 2 callers who have 9h7h and Ross, who had warned me he had called with crap pre, with Qh3h. I brick. FML.

I nicely build my stack up and run a nice float play OOP when I know the guy has sweet FA. But lose some back and have 7700 at the break, when the stacks are 5000+5000. Not good.

Back from the break, I'm up and down like a yoyo. Win a small pot and then folds to my button where I have AQo and raise to have the SB shove. I'm priced in to call with any 2 and she flips over 55. I miss. I think this is a bad play as I'm calling whatever I have and most likely have 2 overs or she's crushed, but whatever.

I then double up through Mac when I limp with A-10 and flop comes 10-8-10. I bet the flop on the button and he thinks I'm at it so puts me in with 66 and I hold. Then lose a bit including shoving late position with AJ, called by KQ. He makes a house.

Lose most of my chips when I check my option on the BB with 94o, with 2 limpers. Flop is 9d8d88h. I hear somebody groan, so I know 1 8 is gone, and over shove the pot, 7k into 3k. 1 limper snaps with 33, WTF. Other guy calls with 10d7d. I'm 37% vs 8% vs 55%. turn is 7, River 10. FML. I now have 1400 in the SB, blinds are 500-1000. I find 9s8s and put it in against SamJ's 66 and brick.

General consensus from the lads was that the play was horrible and I wholeheartedly agree. People limping when they have 3bbs, so so bad.

Play 50p-£1 cash whilst I wait for the others still in the tourney, SamJ, Nutflush and IrishAndy doing well. Not mush of note except I miss with AK everytime and pass 22 to a preflop shove and would have made quads.

I do raise with QdJd pre and flop a flush and get 3 streets of value from somebody who turns 2 pair. I them limp in the SB with 94o and flop is Ad9d4x, so I bet £2, get called and a raise of £12, which we both call. Turn is an offsuit 5, Player is all in for £30, other goes in for £100. I tank and pass. 1st has Ax, second has 5d3d. I hold. FML.

Finish up when FT starts and SamJ is on there, make a nice profit of £150. SAm crushes the table, only needing to get lucky once. Standing on the rail with Pads, IrishAndy, Farmer Dave and Full Tilit and have an awesome time, with some great craic. SamJ chops heads up and treats the car to a McDonalds. Nick work Big Bird!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Ah! Twins. Oh and GUKPT week

Start on the Monday of GUKPT week with some £1-£1 cash. Sit with £60 and with some help from a Mr Miyagi wannabee, I am up to about £220. However I then lose a big pot, and go on tilt. So I raise to £5 blind, get reraised to £15 and call. Flop comes 7x-3d-2d. I look down at Jd7d and I don't run like Durrr and I don't crack Aces. End the night down 2 buy ins. See a hand between Geremi and Carlo Citrone, who had raised pre. Flop is As-Js-Xx. Bet and a call. Turn and river are both spades. Citrone calls a bet from Geremi with A-10, no spades, and is good as Geremi is trying to value bet A-3, no spades. Lol.

Tuesday I decide to shortstack £5-£5 and I'm on a sick table with Glen Ashworth, rivermanl (number 1 online MTT player in the UK), Paul "Action" Jackson and some big regulars. Lose my 2nd buy in with 2 overs and a flush draw. FML.

On Wednesday, I go play at the Stanleys tournament and do shit. Play Blind Mans Bluff and run so bad. I had Gary drawing to 3 outs when the money goes in, he hits on the river. Pads plays so bad, yet sucks out on me so many times. Anyway, go to Grov and run like shit. Also get pissed off when a guy forces me to show my hand eventhough he had the straight and he knew he was good. Especially annoying as I was all in. Then a guy puts in a £100 preflop with 88 when I limp- reraise UTG. 1st card out is an 8. FML. Drop £220 at £1-£1. FML!!!!!Feel a little better when I see Spoona scoop on roulette after feeding the touch bet. Though I do see rivermanl drop £1200 at the same time on the same table.

Give Thursday a miss and just watch it on Go in on Friday after work, and rail for a while. I officially become rivermanl's drug dealer as he wants some headache tablets and I try and get him some. Hayley (who along with the other local valets, had been awesome all week) gets him some. Also get Sam Trickett's phone number, so that put me up to Balla status. It was because I liked his hat and he might hook me up.

Play the UFC throughout the day and it's so much fun, just standing and striking and knocking people out.

On Saturday, venture in to watch the Heineken Cup (Rugby). Tense game and Leicester were unlucky. I see Mark Trett go out after playing a monster game. He flops a set and loses to a flush and my heart drops straight through my body, really feel for him, he's a top lad. After going to Farmer Dave's house, we come back to watch the UFC. I lose £200 on £1-£1, making moves at the right time, but against ppl who won't fold, so in essence I play shit. FML!

Only interested in the last fight, Rashad Evans vs Lyoto Machida, who is my favourite fighter. He crushes Evans who has a weird spasm fall when he gets knocked out in the 2nd round. So brutal.

On sunday I feel like taking a shot at the £100 bounty game, so I buy in and am a bit dissapointed to find out that there are only about 50 runners, Oh well, still worth taking down. Doesn't happen. Lose a huge hand where I actually lose 2 coin flips in 1 hand:

Blinds are 300/600/50, and I shove 5200 with AKo UTG. Player B shoves for 4300. Button tanks and then flips a coin to make a decision and it lands on call. Mark Trett calls for value. Player B has AhJh, button has JdJc and Mark has Js2s. So if I hit, I'm golden and looking at £75 worth of bounty goodness. But I miss, and the guy who should have been out about 3 times, scoops £50 and a load of chips. I'm out the next hand when I'm all in next hand.

So, all in all a shitty week and I'm down about £800. I know what Rashad Evans feels like, but my pain lasted a lot longer.....

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Some sweet watches. Oh, and some poker


Anyone know where I can get one?

Some really great watches of this list. However, winning the GUKPT won't cover the cost of some:

Back to poker. On sunday 10th, go out with friends and end up passing through Aspers and see a soft 1-2 game, sit down hammered and make £220. They were so easy.

End up leaving with Micheal Tedder, who was paid in 2 £1000 packs of £10 notes, he gets the great idea to change them at Grov, as he's too balla for £10 notes, lol. After being slowrolled by Mr Chan, he sits with £2k on roulette, plays a bit then leaves. However, when he comes to cash out, manager comes over and says we are gonna pay you in £10 notes. Instead of just saying we will do it this time, but don't try it again, he was just a dick. Oh well.

I chop 4 ways at Stanleys on tuesday and get £270. Not much of note, just 2 hands. Have a good stack with 2 tables left and reraise with KK, get shipped on by a 3rd player and call. He has AJ, raiser had the same, as he shows.Bang, 1st card out is an Ace. Spoona screws my Kings again. Now short, in BB a few laps later, get raised by the button. Shove by SB, I see AQo and think its a steal/resteal and call off my chips. Button calls with KQ, and SB has A5 and I hold.

Play the tourney at Grov on weds.I lose with AsQs vs JJ. Flop the nut flush draw too.
I then play cash, lose buzz’s stack. Raise with 10s, get reraised by Az, Ridla calls, Gottilt ships. I should shove, but instead call the extra £10. Shove on a 2-3-5 flop. Called by Az's K4, K on the turn. FML. Tho Neil made me feel better, when he said he would have played it the same.

I make it back when I shove with 4-2 vs AK. 2 1st card out. Az raises, GazWalker flats, Mike Tedder makes it 11, i shove. I think Mike could be squeezing, so I would do that with a lot, just happened to be 4 high.

Then play DC, make a little bit. Last hand is sick, I have As-2s-3x-4s-7d-Kh-Kd and limp, reraise to £12, Az and Barearse call. Flop is KQ5, we get it all in. Turn 10 river J, we all chop with broadway. If the board pairs I scoop.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Best Burger Ever. Oh and some NPF Birthday action.

Might be the ad too:

To think she used to go out with Salman Rushdie. WTF?

Anyway back to poker and what was the NPF's 1st birthday and to celebrate a tourney and awards do was held on Saturday the 9th May.

I have a sick starting table: from seat 1 Sickasfck, the geek, stumpy (with bodyguard Mrs Stumpy),Avkid, Mr E, neilb (at the time, now known as hiloyeah?), Cazmac (later Mark Trett) Russ the Suit, me. Seat 10 was supposed to b NRH but he overslept,lol, having played cash till 12.30.

Weird hand involving Geek and Mr E. Glen raises to 600 and is reraised to 1600. Geek checks blind and Mr E checks on Qx10cXc flop. Geek bets 2k (Putting Mr E allin)dark before the turn when Qc falls, Giving away he has a pretty big hand. Lol as Mr E passes AcKs, Glen has a house, pocket 10s, and has him drawing dead. He could have seen the turn,checked and let Mr E (what he thinks is a)semi-bluff or hit on the river. Well Done to Mr E for FTing from that.

I go out on a steal shove, ffs.

I play some dealers choice and lose £40 in 2 hands. Raise with Ac-Ad-4d-4h-Qc-7c. Flop is Kc-9x-4c. Get it all in but some1 has KK and I lose. Then value shove call my last £15 with 4h-5h-5s-7s-9c-10c. Flop the nuts but lose to Aces full as the board runs 4-6-3-6-A.

Me and Pads go over to the Grosvenor to play some regular NLH. I make some profit and also play "What does Johnny Lodden think?". A great game I saw on TV and involved many ppl including Paddy, Odin, Scotty, GazWalker, Jack, Gottilt4, Ridla, Varzee, Alan the Bradford dealer.

This is how it works: You and your "betting rival" pick a person ( Say John) and ask them a question where the answer is a number. Eg/ How long is the River Tyne? You are betting on what John will say the answer is, as opposed to what the correct answer may be. So I would suggest something like 15 miles and over, then if my br thinks its over as well, he sets a new number, eg 35 miles and over and this keeps going until we get to a number where 1 person wants the over, and the other wants the under. Whoever is on the right side of the line gets the money.

Some good questions: How often is goldfoxdom on redtube? How many people played this game tonight? How old is Singh? Loads more too.

Take my £1.50 onto roulette and turn it into £30 with 10 and 20. Literally just throw the chips on and they land good. One of my "numbers" 29 then comes in, but I have no money on it, lol.