Saturday, 2 May 2009

Some actual poker

I'll start posting from last week, but will do over a few days as it is quite a lot. I will start with last Friday, 24/04/2009.

I played the league game and made my 1st league FT, but it lasted only 3 hands. Shoved my 9BB stack with Ks3s on the button. Txstrevb had AA in the SB.

Decided to take my £44 and play some 25p/50p cash. Only 1 interesting hand on a tough table which included Ridla, Spoona, Glen, Jimmy Chipmunk and Craig Robinson. I call the double straddle of £2 and it’s raised behind me to £20. Every1 else passes and I say "If I shove, u want to run it twice?", thinking he has AK, so he says ok. He has QQ. I have 5d2d. Flop is 552! And it holds. We chop as he wins the 2nd board.

Suggest that we play some PLO and surprisingly get a full table of action. I lose my 1st load of money, when I get it in with a wrap which I miss. Then see a sick hand where the flop comes 9c-10s-Jc. It goes bet £5,call,pot all in, pot all in for £60, I pass what I think is the nut flush draw as I misread the board thinking it has 2 spades on it. Proudly show my cards to some1 and they must be thinking “WTF?” Back to Odin (Player 1) who calls, then Glen (Player 2) who had initially called, shoves and is called by Odin.

Odin= Jx-10c-9x-8c

Glen= Kx-Qx-X-X

Bo$$hog= Kx-Qc-2c-X

Jimmy Chipmunk= Ac-6c-Jd-9d

Omahaha worked it out that they were all 25% to win the hand. Turn was a brick, River a club, for Jimmy to win a £200+ main pot and Odin to win like a £100+ side pot.

I ended finishing £80 mostly by check raising Odin, the hyper aggressive Norwegian, on the river.

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