Monday, 25 May 2009

Ah! Twins. Oh and GUKPT week

Start on the Monday of GUKPT week with some £1-£1 cash. Sit with £60 and with some help from a Mr Miyagi wannabee, I am up to about £220. However I then lose a big pot, and go on tilt. So I raise to £5 blind, get reraised to £15 and call. Flop comes 7x-3d-2d. I look down at Jd7d and I don't run like Durrr and I don't crack Aces. End the night down 2 buy ins. See a hand between Geremi and Carlo Citrone, who had raised pre. Flop is As-Js-Xx. Bet and a call. Turn and river are both spades. Citrone calls a bet from Geremi with A-10, no spades, and is good as Geremi is trying to value bet A-3, no spades. Lol.

Tuesday I decide to shortstack £5-£5 and I'm on a sick table with Glen Ashworth, rivermanl (number 1 online MTT player in the UK), Paul "Action" Jackson and some big regulars. Lose my 2nd buy in with 2 overs and a flush draw. FML.

On Wednesday, I go play at the Stanleys tournament and do shit. Play Blind Mans Bluff and run so bad. I had Gary drawing to 3 outs when the money goes in, he hits on the river. Pads plays so bad, yet sucks out on me so many times. Anyway, go to Grov and run like shit. Also get pissed off when a guy forces me to show my hand eventhough he had the straight and he knew he was good. Especially annoying as I was all in. Then a guy puts in a £100 preflop with 88 when I limp- reraise UTG. 1st card out is an 8. FML. Drop £220 at £1-£1. FML!!!!!Feel a little better when I see Spoona scoop on roulette after feeding the touch bet. Though I do see rivermanl drop £1200 at the same time on the same table.

Give Thursday a miss and just watch it on Go in on Friday after work, and rail for a while. I officially become rivermanl's drug dealer as he wants some headache tablets and I try and get him some. Hayley (who along with the other local valets, had been awesome all week) gets him some. Also get Sam Trickett's phone number, so that put me up to Balla status. It was because I liked his hat and he might hook me up.

Play the UFC throughout the day and it's so much fun, just standing and striking and knocking people out.

On Saturday, venture in to watch the Heineken Cup (Rugby). Tense game and Leicester were unlucky. I see Mark Trett go out after playing a monster game. He flops a set and loses to a flush and my heart drops straight through my body, really feel for him, he's a top lad. After going to Farmer Dave's house, we come back to watch the UFC. I lose £200 on £1-£1, making moves at the right time, but against ppl who won't fold, so in essence I play shit. FML!

Only interested in the last fight, Rashad Evans vs Lyoto Machida, who is my favourite fighter. He crushes Evans who has a weird spasm fall when he gets knocked out in the 2nd round. So brutal.

On sunday I feel like taking a shot at the £100 bounty game, so I buy in and am a bit dissapointed to find out that there are only about 50 runners, Oh well, still worth taking down. Doesn't happen. Lose a huge hand where I actually lose 2 coin flips in 1 hand:

Blinds are 300/600/50, and I shove 5200 with AKo UTG. Player B shoves for 4300. Button tanks and then flips a coin to make a decision and it lands on call. Mark Trett calls for value. Player B has AhJh, button has JdJc and Mark has Js2s. So if I hit, I'm golden and looking at £75 worth of bounty goodness. But I miss, and the guy who should have been out about 3 times, scoops £50 and a load of chips. I'm out the next hand when I'm all in next hand.

So, all in all a shitty week and I'm down about £800. I know what Rashad Evans feels like, but my pain lasted a lot longer.....

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