Monday, 4 May 2009

3 days of poker. Probably should do something else too

Decide to play on Tuesday at Stanners and it gets 30 runners. Not much happens and play 3 hands before the break but get my stack up to 16k. Fizzle out after and end up going to Aspers and play £1-£2 cash. Sit with £60 and run it up to £220ish pretty well. Big hand is where I flop a set of 7s and check raise after a decent bit of money is in the middle. Then lose flush vs. flush. Then a few smaller pots: TPTK vs. set for about £25, 10-10 vs. AK and KQ for about £50 AIPF. I reload another £60. Raise UTG with 42 and 62 and bluff the flop and river and pull it off, and show. Was proud cos I don’t really play like this in 1-2. Didn’t pick any hands but then 2 lads come over from £5-£5 and look just to fuck about. After I payoff 1of them twice, they help me get unstuck and turn a £90 profit. Finished at 7am, lol.

Decide to have some SCA (Sweet Cash Action) at Stanleys on Weds. Start at 8 on a table with me, Varzee, Ridla, Gottilt4 and NRH (A recent addition to the poker scene, seems pretty effective in these games). 2nd hand I run a nice bluff on Varzee. I raise with 2h3h and get a few callers and it comes AJJ, I c-bet and Varzee check raises me. I think that he doesn’t have a Jack, so I shove and he passes A6 (I think). Think the news spreads because this hand comes up:

Raise with AJ UTG, get 4 callers. Flop comes J-3-5, rainbow. Pretty good as I'm only behind a set, hard for someone to have 2 pair. I lead for £8, Russ the Suit shoves for about £18, I call and he has 4c5c. Ship the monies.

Best PP I get all night is 88 and I get AK twice and miss, but what I do have I hit well or my opponents miss and I can take the pot away and I end up about £90. Tubbs, Danutz, Andrizu, Mag1892, Russ the Suit, Roscopiko and GazWalker all dived in and and out of the game at some point.

Went over to the G and just caught the end of the tourney and watched some cash. It was weird to see Mr Chan run bad 1 time. AK vs. KQ, 1st 2 cards out are QQ. AA vs. QQ. 1st card out is Q. He was not happy. Tho this was nothing compared to the heads up of the tournament. A lad I know called Andrew gets it allin on a flop of 10-5-6 with KK, gets called by A-6. 6 on the turn. He has 9-5 vs. 10-7 all in on a 9-8-x flop. Turn is a 10, river J. Nothing compared to the last hand: 10 high flop; he shoves with AA and is called by QJ. I jokingly shout got a 9 on the turn, which comes, followed by an 8 on the river! To make it worse, the other lad celebrates really obnoxiously every time he sucks out. The poor lad just walked round like a zombie, looking completely shell-shocked.

Played the 1st ever NPF heads up tournament on Jokerstars. $5 buy in and I get a bye in Round 1. Apokerlypse is dispatched in round 2 and I fall to Ponca in the quarters when flop bottom 2 on an 8-9-A flop. Turn is 5, River 7. Ponca has A-6. FML. Would really have liked to win the 1st HU tourney.

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  1. knew u cudnt resist that hand fella. wp. was a gd night and left quite happy after some crazy foes