Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Something else to talk about. Some poker too

Found out about this website, it's hilarious.


Everyone should check it out, the words are a bit hard to follow with the made up slang and all but a lot of the pics are really funny:


Plus some of the girls are insanely hot and you wander how they get with such guys. Of the ones I have seen I think this is my favourite "HOTT", it's the girl in the white T-shirt, obv (Well, I thought so anyway):


Back to poker, which is not as funny, but nm. I played the last of the forum league games and run really well taking my stack upto 30k (from a 5k starting stack) at the break. Knock ppl out with 8h6h, 5s3s, 5s2s (J1OBLN off the forum) and QQ (not as cool as the rest). Afterwards I'm a little too up and down with my stack, but then this interesting hand comes up:

Cameltoe (Marty Smyth) limps in early position for 2k, Looseman makes it 5k off the button, I call with 9s9c from the SB and MS calls. Flop is As-9h-3h, checked all round, which worries me a little but I can now remove any Ax from Looseman's range. Turn is the 8s, I check, knowing pretty well that MS is a aggressive player and will likely fire, which he does, but Looseman then shoves. I now thank and tell the table I have a decision as most of Loose's range is AA here. Think about 88 or some weirdness and call. He flips over Js10s and I fade the outs.

Get to the FT with healthy chips. A few ppl on the table have seats at stake so playing slightly nervous. A person not involved is down to 4k with blinds at 1.5k-3k. He shoves and after a lot of dead money in too I shove with AdKd. He has QJ and hits a Q. COGB had 66 and would have made quads. A few ppl point out that they wanted him out to secure seats and what was I doing, until I pointed out that I wasn't here to get them seats but try and win the tourney for myself. What could be regarded by some by Karma by some happens when he later beats me a big pot when he hits a set with 5's against my 9's for a good sized pot. I eventually go out in 7th when I lose this pot and a couple of key races. Congratulations to TD for winning the league and I'm sure he'll represent the NPF grandly. Just hopefully with a bit more class than he showed on Friday. Lol, just kidding.

Anyway I'm off to the £50 game at Stanleys, where they add £500. Biggest game of the month. Should have the poker up to date over the next few days.

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