Thursday, 21 May 2009

Best Burger Ever. Oh and some NPF Birthday action.

Might be the ad too:

To think she used to go out with Salman Rushdie. WTF?

Anyway back to poker and what was the NPF's 1st birthday and to celebrate a tourney and awards do was held on Saturday the 9th May.

I have a sick starting table: from seat 1 Sickasfck, the geek, stumpy (with bodyguard Mrs Stumpy),Avkid, Mr E, neilb (at the time, now known as hiloyeah?), Cazmac (later Mark Trett) Russ the Suit, me. Seat 10 was supposed to b NRH but he overslept,lol, having played cash till 12.30.

Weird hand involving Geek and Mr E. Glen raises to 600 and is reraised to 1600. Geek checks blind and Mr E checks on Qx10cXc flop. Geek bets 2k (Putting Mr E allin)dark before the turn when Qc falls, Giving away he has a pretty big hand. Lol as Mr E passes AcKs, Glen has a house, pocket 10s, and has him drawing dead. He could have seen the turn,checked and let Mr E (what he thinks is a)semi-bluff or hit on the river. Well Done to Mr E for FTing from that.

I go out on a steal shove, ffs.

I play some dealers choice and lose £40 in 2 hands. Raise with Ac-Ad-4d-4h-Qc-7c. Flop is Kc-9x-4c. Get it all in but some1 has KK and I lose. Then value shove call my last £15 with 4h-5h-5s-7s-9c-10c. Flop the nuts but lose to Aces full as the board runs 4-6-3-6-A.

Me and Pads go over to the Grosvenor to play some regular NLH. I make some profit and also play "What does Johnny Lodden think?". A great game I saw on TV and involved many ppl including Paddy, Odin, Scotty, GazWalker, Jack, Gottilt4, Ridla, Varzee, Alan the Bradford dealer.

This is how it works: You and your "betting rival" pick a person ( Say John) and ask them a question where the answer is a number. Eg/ How long is the River Tyne? You are betting on what John will say the answer is, as opposed to what the correct answer may be. So I would suggest something like 15 miles and over, then if my br thinks its over as well, he sets a new number, eg 35 miles and over and this keeps going until we get to a number where 1 person wants the over, and the other wants the under. Whoever is on the right side of the line gets the money.

Some good questions: How often is goldfoxdom on redtube? How many people played this game tonight? How old is Singh? Loads more too.

Take my £1.50 onto roulette and turn it into £30 with 10 and 20. Literally just throw the chips on and they land good. One of my "numbers" 29 then comes in, but I have no money on it, lol.

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