Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Who knew unbelievably high levels of cruelty could be so funny. Oh and Poker too

This is brilliant:

Some poker updates:

Play on the Friday night before the forum birthday game. After blowing out of the tournament in Stanleys (It was such a boring table that nobody took a addon before the break. Nobody got felted. WTF!?!?), I go over to the Grov to play some cash.

Lose my 1st buyin against Odin when I have JJ and he flops an UDSD with 7-5 and hits. I then lose again to him when he cracks my Aces. Flor comes J high, he calls. Turn is 7h, making flushs and straights, but I have the Ah, so check raise all in. He has J7, so he calls. River is Jh, making my flush, but he has a house. We end up playing 4 handed with a choice of PLO/NLH. Whoever had the button had the choice. It was me, Odin, NRH and Danutz. I manage to claw my way back to even(ish) when we finish 12.30pm on Saturday afternoon. Then I go looking for a baseball cap in Toon and have no luck and end up going to sleep for about 2 1/2 hours before the forum game. Will post updates of a great night very soon.

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  1. ya dirty little tart ya dumped pure class n1, stumpy