Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A few days where I wouldn't have even been able to catch Swine Flu!

On 2nd May, I play the Omaha tournament at Circus, something I had been looking forward to. Anyway I play like shit, limping a lot as its a short handed table with nobody passing preflop if they have ANY money already in. Not at all like I'm used to on the internet. Anyway never get going and go out when I raise with Kc-Kd-Qc-8d. Flop a flush draw on an A high board, shove, get called by A-10-5-4 no suits by some1 who admitted they were new to the game. Play cash, get unlucky, donk, then we decide to add Omaha to the mix. I double through Pads when I raise with K-Q-J-10 double suited. Flop is Jh-Jx-7h. Bet and Pads is the only caller. Turn is 10h. I shove, he calls with Ah-Kh-Qh-4d(!). Not sure what he's doing there, cos if he hits his flush, it's hard for him to get paid when he has the 3 big hearts. I then let Laker play my stack and he turns my 80 into 260, which includes this awesome hand:

on a K-2-4 flop, he gets the money in with bottom 2 against top set and Zaffer's flush draw. He hits an offsuit 3 for the whell and then fades 1/2 the deck whilst I'm jumping for joy behind him. See Hatton gets his ass handed to him by Pacquio. Shame really as I like him and hope he is ok. Tho Pacman is a beast.

Sunday is the League final at Stanleys, and I'm on a table with:

Seat 1: Gladys Jarvis
Seat 2: Gimac
Seat 3: Alex "Bintin" Boynton
Seat 4: Jimmy Chipmunk/Davey Stephenson
Seat 5: Me
Seat 6: Paul Hart
Seat 7: Ali
Seat 8: Neil Barron
Seat 9: Peter Collins
Seat 10: Johnny Greek

Suggest some sort of deal so that everyone gets paid but Ali says no. Karma intervenes and he is 1st out. I go out in 7th, completely card dead, and have to steal a lot. I finally get KK and shove over Glady's raise. She calls with AK and rivers the Ace, :-(. I win that I'm pretty sure I am involved in the chop.

Play the Tuesday £500 added £50 game at Stanleys. Out in the 1st level, when I get completely outplayed by Mark Trett who sells me a great story when I have QQ and he has AA. Have to wait another month to have a crack at the best game in town. See my mate Pads take a sick beat when he shoves UTG with KQ and gets called by Carlo Citrone (PRO?!?!?) with Q-10. Board goes 10-9-J, Turn 10, River 9. Sooo sick kid, so sick.

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