Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A bit of Sugar mixing. Oh and some Poker too

For anyone else who is having withdrawl symptoms.

It's been a while since I posted, so I'll post what I can remember.

I played the Saturday tourney at Aspers on 06/06. Came 3 off the FT, when I pushed with 99 on the BB on a 8 high flop. He had Aces. He even minraised pre. How stupid am I? Played cash, spun my £60 into £220, then lost the lot. I had 55 and made a set on 9-3-2-5 turn. I had bet the flop, some1 called with A4. We get it in. As I don't generally chase gutshots, I forget others might.

We have a fire alarm and are left standing outside at 4am for 50 minutes. As I'm stuck I decide to stay around. If I was winning I would have gone home and come back the next day and just cashed my chips. Finish down once we get back in.

Play a bit of Omaha Hilo online and make 4 buyins. players were so bad, chasing really bad lows for potsized bets. Wish I had a few backdoor draws, I scoop a lot. Then played regular Omaha, did well too. Raise with J-10-9-8, Flop comes J-9-7. Wee. After rivering Quad Aces, I raise with 2-3-4-5 double suited. Flop is A-4-5 and some guy stacks off with A-10-10-8. Weee.

Played a Tuesday tornament at Grov and made a guy pass Kings pre. Unfortunately, I had Aces. I went for the reverse-reverse, but he was a pretty bad player and it didn't work. Make it to 3 handed, where I shove Qs9s on the button, Glen the Geek calls with AJ. Flop a 9, but as Glen is about to muck, he rivers a 8, to hit a gutshot. Oh well.

Don't really remember much until last Tuesday when I played the £5 rebuy, as there was a free seat for the £75 torney on Sat. Crazy table during the rebuy period, and I get a good stack after I call 4 allins with AKo and flop a King. Everyone is drawing dead on the turn.

Hand comes up against Keith. He completes the small bind, I check my option with Q9. Flop is J-J-9. He bets, I shove, an UTG limper passes, Keith tanks. I tell him he is beat (twice!), but he calls with 88. Turn is an 8. As I'm about to walk off and moan about how bad I run, river is a Jack and I let out a really loud scram, like Raymer when he won the World Series. Pretty bad craic and I apologise.

I end up 3rd. I push with AJ, SB has 10s and I flop an Ace. He is stacking chips on the turn, but rivers the 10. Gross, cos I have a real good shot at winning.

I get Jeded (getting knocked out by the suboptimal play of Jed Conway) on Thursday when I shove my 9BB stack with AKo after a few limps. He calls with AJ out of the BB and hits a Jack. Go to Grov to play cash and start well. Then I limp with KQo and the flop is Qd-3x-2d. Pot is £3, some1 bets £4, Barry calls, I raise to £11.50. OrRa calls, Barry passes. Qc on the turn, OrRa puts in half his stack, I move him in, he calls with 9d7d. Some1 tells me they passed 2 diamonds, so I feel worse. True enough, Ad on the river. Lad trys to defend his play by saying he had too much invested. True but he makes a bad play on the turn. What am I reraising with on the flop? He has to think the Queen is a great card for me. I tilt and finish down. Also have a run in with Barry. He's an idiot.

That will do for now. A few more days to catch up on, but I'll post those soon

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