Thursday, 30 July 2009

A bit of Steve Nash. Oh, and some poker

On the Friday after, I played the Grosvenor double chance. Not much of note, except 1 hand with Paul "Kiddha" Hart at 200-400. Paul is a very good player and a great lad, who won the Stanleys League. Anyway, he limps from MP and I raise to 1400 with QJo out of the SB. Sounds bad, but I knew that Paul didn't have much and I normally only raise with big hands OOP. He calls and the flop is Ad-Qd-Xd. I have the Jd, so am pretty happy with this flop. I lead for 2100 and Paul min-raises to 4200. I can't see him having Ax-Kd, or anything that has me crushed both ways. As I think I'm live either way, I shove. Paul makes a crying call with 9d-9x. Az calls for the 9c on turn, but it's 9h, and I miss my diamond on the river. Then shove Jh10h into Az's KK and its bye bye.

The Tuesday after I went to play at Stanleys, as they had added seats for the £50 game. I ended up bubbling when I shoved my 8bb stack with KQo into Kiddha's AA. He flopped Quads. Fuck.

I went to play cash and managed to break even after I lost 2 big pots, so not too bad. The 1st one was I called a raise wih Ad-10d. Flop is Kd-9d-Xx and I call a £4 bet. Turn is Ax, now Paul Nixon checks, so I bet £10, and he calls. River is 9x, Paul shoves all in, and as I'm now chopping with A-J/A-Q, I call. He has 9s-10s. FML.

Then grind my money back, even though Sensh is flopping the world. Then blind vs blind, I raise with 55 and BB calls. Flop is 5c-7x-8c. I bet and he calls. Same on the Jx turn. River is 10x, I bet, he tanks, I say "I know you missed your flush" and he shoves. I call and he has Qc-9c. FML

Spin my £20 back to £80. It helps when I get in pre with QQ and flop quads. A little run good. Weeee!

Play a few days later at Grov after I get Hameded out of Aspers tourney and a drunk guy sits down. He bets £10 pre everytime, except when I limp with AK. I hit but know1 else does. I ship over his raise with 66 and he calls with 83o. He hits an 8, obv. I then grind back some money, but lose it when I play shit. Guy raises and Singh calls, so I call with Ad-6d. Flop is Qd-Jd-8x. Guy bets 10, Singh makes it £25, we both call. Turn is 6x, Guy checks, Singh bets £30, I ship for £70ish, realising as soon as I do it, that Singh is NEVER passing. River is 10x, and Singh has Q-10. I'm a big idiot.

After going out with Spoona, Sensh and Buzz to Tiger Tiger on a Monday, we go to Grov. I limp call a £5 raise with Jh-9h after I sit with £20. Flop is 8h-8x-4h. I check shove my £12(lol) after Rob "Taxi" Taylor c-bets £6. He calls, turn is Kh, and Rob moans and says "I can't win". Then river is 5h and he goes "Wait! I just outdrew you" and shows Qh-10o. Pisses me off. I don't mind losing but don't tell me the hand is mine, when you're drawing kinda live. Kinda slowrolled.

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